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    Oak burr bowl

Pren Parry Art and Conservation

Rob Parry has a professional background in the nature conservation sector which has developed into an interest in traditional and sustainable industries that can help support wildlife conservation in Wales.

Wood for the ornaments is sourced locally from within Wales and often as a result of traditional woodland management practices that help increase the nature conservation value of the habitat.

Each ornament and woodenware piece comes with its own nature conservation guide highlighting the wood or woods that were used in its production along with the woodland habitat that they belong and the wildlife that depends on them.

Pren Parry is based in Carmarthenshire, west Wales. Rob has been working and volunteering in the nature conservation sector for over 15 years in his local Wildlife Trust. His professional experience of woodland management developed into an interest in traditional and sustainable industries that can support wildlife conservation.

Pren is Welsh for wood – for those who were curious.

Wishing well with cone sheaths for slates, moss effect is created by meadowsweet seeds and the snails are from aspen buds wooden-ornament-created-from-body-and-roof-is-hornbeam-door--is-cherry-cartwheel-is-yew-bird-box-is-hazel

The Inspiration

Working with wood from our Welsh woodlands has given me a new perspective on the way we value our natural habitats.

It makes you stop and think about the tree itself, what it has lived through in its lifetime, from world wars and political unrest, to harsh winters, drought and the carved initials of teenagers in love.

If only trees could tell their stories!

But in many respects they do – through the wood itself, whether it is the growth rings, gnarled bark, deadwood or insect attack, each piece of wood is unique and in my opinion deserves celebrating.

For me the natural cracks, splits, rot and beetle larvae tunnels give items more character, so where I can, I try and incorporate as much character as possible.

Rob will be attending Bird Fair and other events over the year selling his beautifully crafted ornaments whilst extolling the importance of looking after our environment.

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